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"My employees love the WEBERmade tape tool and I appreciate their increased productivity."
-Rick Williams  - Rick's Signs, Longview, TX

"The WEBERmade tape application system is simple, easy to use and gets the job done, period."
-Emerson Schwartzkopf - Word Mechanics, Gunnison, CO

"The greatest thing since vinyl... I got it, I use it, I love it!"
-John "Tramp" Warner - Tramp's Designs, Ontario, Canada

"The WEBERmade tape applicator is so easy to use that even a klutz like me can now apply transfer tape like the pros. Thanks John for a great addition to our industry. It's definitely Mr. J approved!"
-Julian "Mr. J" Braet - Mr. J Signs, Lyndhurst, NJ

"I wouldn't even consider applying application tape to the Splash Masks™ Stencils that we manufacture without a WEBERmade tape tool... It's the best! Thanks John"
-Bob "Hollywood" Bond - Bob Bond's Artistry, Lee's Sumit, MO

"John Weber's ingeniously simple device has made masking graphics a near foolproof procedure. After years of inventing methods ourselves and experimenting with different procedures, we've never found anything better. Keep up the good work John!"
-Jay Lansburg - Auto-Graph Designs, Buena Park, CA

"Weber's tape application tool saves my workers time. Application tape goes on straight without wrinkles or air bubbles. FAST!!"
-David Shaw - CADCO, Kirksville, MO

"My people don't have to hide their mistakes from me any more. That's because they don't make any! At a cost to sign shops of around $4.00 per foot, vinyl is not inexpensive enough to look the other way when transfer tape errors happen. WEBERmade solved that problem for us. Get smart. Get one in your shop. Cut cost by eliminating errors. It's simple... it's the clutch that makes the difference!!
-Jay Allen - Shawcraft Sign Company, Rockford, IL

"I have been applying vinyl (and application tape) since 1978. Simple fact is. There's no better way to put on application tape than with the WEBERmade tape application system. If you put on application tape and don't have one - get one!!!"
-Rob Ivers "Master of the Gold Squeegee" - Decal Application Services, Raymore, MO

-Superfrog Certified
"WEBERmade is one of the finest additions we have made to our shop in the past year. With the Weber tape tool, we have eliminated the problems associated with applying application tape. This quality built system is designed to last and will be around for a long time."
-Butch "Superfrog" Anton - Superfrog Signs, Moorhead, MN

"WEBERmade is absolutely, positively, beyond any shadow of a doubt, the simplest and easiest way to apply application tape on the market today!"
-Jim Hugel - Custom Line, Stradford, WI

"Wonderful... Marvelous... Love it! Good price for a great product!"
-Michael Udell Bayfield, Manager - Printing Center, Bartlesville, OK

"John Weber's applicator has taken the fear out of the words "transfer tape" for our new employees. It works so great for all of us that we wonder how we ever put up without it. Its solid construction has made it an absolute workhorse in our shop. Thanks John."
-Darryl Olson - SIGNWORKS, Fergus Falls, MN

"WEBERmade tools help "one person shops" produce like "two person shops!"
-Larry "The Mac Gyver" Mitchell - Larry Mitchell Productions, Garden Valley, CA

"What a great way to apply application tape. The Addition of the WEBERmade application system (and your 12 inch squeegee) saves time and reduces the frustration in our shop. It has increased our productivity. A well designed and solidly built product!"
-Stuart Johnson - The Signworks, (Sign Biz) San Carlos, CA

"A simple but elegant way to remove much of the frustration and wasted time in a sign shop."
-Andrew C. Holmes, President - Vector Art, Bonka Springs, FL

"Your company went far beyond our expectations for the price we paid for your transfer tape applicator. We would like to take a moment to thank you and your company for the transfer tape application machine. This was a very good investment for our company and we would be glad to recommend your company to others."
-Edward P. Helms - Sign Tec, Phoenix, AZ